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  • [xx]: manufacturer
  • 74: 7400 series family
    • 74: Commercial temperature range
    • 54: Military temperature range
  • [yy]
    • L: Low-power, Bipolar, I/O=TTL
    • H: High speed, Bipolar, I/O=TTL
    • S: Schottky, Bipolar, I/O=TTL
    • F: Fast, Bipolar, I/O=TTL
    • LS: Low-power Schottky, Bipolar, I/O=TTL
    • AS: Advanced Schottky, Bipolar, I/O=TTL
    • TTL: Bipolar, I/O=TTL
    • ALS: Advanced Low Power Schottky; Bipolar
    • ALB:
    • AC: Advanced CMOS, Vcc=5V; I/O=CMOS
    • ACT: CMOS; Vcc=5V; Input=TTL, Output=CMOS
    • AHC: Advanced High-Speed CMOS, Vcc=5V; I/O=CMOS
    • ALVC: Low voltage CMOS; Vcc=3.3V; Input=LVTTL/TTL, Output=LVCMOS
    • ALVCF: CMOS; Vcc=3.3V; Input=LVTTL/TTL, Output=LVCMOS
    • AHC1G: CMOS; Vcc=5V; Input=TTL, Output=CMOS
    • AUC: Low voltage CMOS; Vcc=1.8V; I/O=LVCMOS
    • AUP1G/2G/3G: CMOS; Vcc=1.8V; I/O=LVCMOS
    • AVC: CMOS; Vcc=2.5V; Input=LVCMOS, Output=LVCMOS
    • C: CMOS
    • CBT: CMOS; Vcc=5V; I/O=TTL
    • CBT-C: CMOS; Vcc=5V; I/O=TTL
    • CBT1G: CMOS; Vcc=5V; Input=TTL, Output=CMOS
    • CBTLV: CMOS; Vcc=3.3V; I/O=LVCMOS
    • CBTLV1G: CMOS; Vcc=3.3V; I/O=LVCMOS
    • CB3Q: CMOS; Vcc=3.3V; I/O=LVTTL/TTL
    • CB3T: CMOS; Vcc=3.3V; I/O=TTL
    • CD4K: CMOS; Vcc=5/10/15V; I/O=CMOS
    • DS: Same as FB
    • FC: Fast CMOS
    • FCX: CMOS with 3 V supply and 5 V tolerant inputs
    • FCT: CMOS; Vcc=5V; I/O=TTL
    • FST: Same as CBT
    • GTL: CMOS; Vcc=3.3V; Input=LVTTL/TTL or GTL, Output=GTL or LVTTL/TTL
    • GTLP: CMOS; Vcc=3.3V; Input=LVTTL/TTL or GTLP, Output=GTLP or LVTTL/TTL
    • HC: High-speed CMOS
    • HCT: High-speed CMOS with TTL inputs
    • HSTL: CMOS; Vcc=3.3V; Input=HSTL, Output=LVTTL
    • LV-A: CMOS; Vcc=3.3V; Input=LVCMOS, Output=LVTTL
    • LVC: CMOS; Vcc=3.3V; Input=LVTTL/TTL, Output=LVCMOS
    • LV: Same as LV-A
    • LVX: Same as LV-A or LVC depending on Manufacturer
    • LVQ: Same as LC-A
    • LPT: Same as LVC
    • LVC1G/2G/3G: CMOS; Vcc=3.3V; I/O=LVTTL
    • LVCZ: CMOS; Vcc=3.3V; Input=LVTTL/TTL, Output=LVCMOS
    • SSTL: CMOS; Vcc=3.3V; I/O=SSTL_3
    • SSTV: CMOS; Vcc=2.5V; I/O=SSTL_2
    • SSTU: CMOS; Vcc=1.8V; I/O=SSTL_18
    • SSTVF: CMOS; Vcc=2.5V; I/O=SSTL_2
    • ULP: Same as AUC
    • VHC: Same as AHC
    • VHCT: Very high-speed CMOS with TTL inputs
    • ABT: Advanced BiCMOS, Vcc=5V; Input=LVTTL/TTL, Output=TTL
    • ABTE: Advanced BiCMOS, Vcc=5V; Input=ETL, Output=TTL
    • ALVT: BiCMOS; Vcc=3.3V; Input=LVTTL/TTL, Output=LVTTL
    • BCT: BiCMOS; Vcc=5V; Input=LVTTL/TTL, Output=TTL
    • BC: Same as BCT
    • LVT: BiCMOS; Vcc=3.3V; I/O=LVTTL/TTL
    • VME: BiCMOS; Vcc=3.3V; I/O=LVTTL/TTL
  • 245
    • Part number of the 7400 series family
  • [zz]: Chip package type, quality grade, or other information, but this varies widely by manufacturer

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